Success is no Accident - EFT Master Carol Look | De Burgerij Limmen

datum: zaterdag 18 november 2017

Success is no Accident - EFT Master Carol Look | De Burgerij Limmen

Advanced EFT Workshop with EFT Master Carol Look in The Netherlands:


- Does success feel out of reach to you?
- Do you ever wonder why other people are successful when you haven’t reached your goals yet?
- Are you ready to take your business to the next level, but you don’t know how?
- Do you suspect there is a formula you haven’t been taught yet? And if only you knew how…

If you would like to finally learn the “formula” that successful people use with great results in their businesses (as well as in their personal lives), then join EFT Master, Carol Look for a one-day intensive workshop where you will learn how to apply this proven “formula” for success.

In this one-day intensive workshop, you will learn 3 steps to dramatically improve your business success:

Step 1
Clarify Your Vision

Once you release the blocks to clarifying your vision on a short-term and long-term basis, you can assess where you want to go and how you’re going to get there.

Step 2
Clear Your Sabotage Behavior

Learning how to clear your sabotage behavior – such as procrastination or perfectionism – is the single most effective change you can make to become more successful.

Step 3
Find Your Next Yes

Making decisions is challenging! Learn how to feel the difference between your “yes” and your “no” and enjoy learning how to find your next yes for each decision in your life and business.

In this Advanced EFT workshop, you will learn how to:
- Eliminate your fear of failure
- Release your fear of success
- Understand and eliminate your procrastination
- Align with your expanded vision of success
- Allow abundance into your life and business

Join Founding EFT Master, Carol Look for a one-day opportunity to take your business and your life to the next level.

Saturday, November 18th, 2017
10.00 am – 5.30 pm

De Burgerij
Dusseldorperweg 103
1906 AJ Limmen
The Netherlands

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